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John Henry Marshall

Norman Miller

Royland Walter

Camp Borden

Camp Borden

Camp Borden

Carter Boys

The Cornish Brothers

Norman Miller

Max Clairmont

Private A. "Rolly" Rollinson

B Company Mobilizes

Fixter and Fingland

Hildebrand and Beattie

Blyth's Own

Exeter's Own

Allan Brindley, Harold Young, Lew Elliott, Unidentified

Jacob and Margaret Youngblut


Lorne W. Armstrong

Stretcher Bearers from the 161st Overseas Battalion

Members of C Company (Clinton)

Redfern Family

Goderich's Own, 161st Battalion C.E.F.

Explore Huron - Goderich, Ontario | HuronCountyTV

Explore Huron - Goderich, Ontario | HuronCountyTV

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Together We're Stronger - 4 Schools Now 1

Huron Country Gaol Investigation in Goderich Ontario

Goderich Gaol Visit

Goderich Gaol Visit
Goderich Gaol Visit

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Small boy feeding chickens, date unknown

Two women standing on snowshoes, 1910

Early evening over Lake Huron, date unknown

School Number 5, Colborne, date unknown

Portrait of Bob Cantlan, date unknown

Portrait of Florence Irene Sallows, date unknown

Canoeing, 1910

Woman holding baby chick, 1910

Square, Goderich, date unknown

Portrait of five young women, date unknown

Self-portrait, Reuben R. Sallows, date unknown

Woman with snowshoes , 1909

Little girl bottle feeding lamb, 1919

Family portrait, date unknown

Looking W.S.W. from Court House, date unknown

Portrait of Charlotte Maude Green (Langell) at fifteen, date unknown

Portrait of woman, date unknown

Portrait of Charlotte Maude Green (Langell), date unknown

Portrait of Elizabeth Sallows Brophy at eighteen, date unknown

Self-portrait of Reuben R. Sallows, date unknown

Baby Floe Sallows , date unknown

Hanging deer with hunters, 1911

John Morris Birthday Party, 1888

Making sugar, 1907

Little boy bottle feeding piglet, 1920

Portrait of R.S. Chilton, American Consul, date unknown

Portrait of Rev. G.F. Salton, date unknown

Basting the roast, 1910

Sledding in winter, 1909

Tending the flock, 1906

Family portrait, date unknown

Portrait of Eleanore Coombs Miller, aged 4, date unknown

Portrait of Dr. McLeod, date unknown

Cutting pine tree, 1917

Lumber jacks, 1917

Man pulling sled, 1917

Group portrait, 1883

Portrait of ten women in costume, date unknown

Man reading by fire, date unknown

Woman with snowshoes, 1909

Two women in bathing costumes, date unknown

Dungannon School, date unknown

Portrait of young woman, 1900

Portrait of Charlotte Sallows Green, date unknown

Wolf tracks, Jake Lake, Algonquin Park, date unknown

Portrait of Darius R. Sallows, date unknown

Store interior, date unknown

Portrait of two boys with wheelbarrow, date unknown

Portrait of a bearded man, date unknown

Coming around curve in grove, Goderich, date unknown

Goderich bowling club, officers for 1903

Portrait of Dr. McLean, date unknown

The summer house in winter, 1909

Portrait of judge, date unknown

In the park, 1897

Portrait of man, date unknown

Family portrait, date unknown

Sheep grazing, 1920

The biker, date unknown

Portrait of Aunt Charlotte, date unknown

Old man cooking outdoors, 1910

Canadian timber wolf, 1919

Portrait of Clara and Verna Sallows, date unknown

Portrait of Mr. Dickson, date unknown

Goderich Harbour, 1924

Woman traveller, date unknown

Pouring sap, 1908

Woman with child at beach, date unknown

Sunset Lake Huron, date unknown